Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amor, Love, Amour, AMORE

LOVE LOVE LOVE...... my first crush happened in 2nd grade and it was for some girl called Jasmine _____... Jasmine happened to be one of the prettiest girls in my classroom(or atleast i thought so) she had long black hair and light brown eyes and a nice big smile. she also wasnt concieted which is pretty rare considering she was as pretty as she was... But...there was a problem... she was the teachers niece O . O......this made it very difficult for any guy to get close to her...and to top it off she was super quiet so you never really heard much from her unless she was asked to answer a question... and since back then i wasnt as confident as i am now i didnt make the effort to go talk to her myself.Soooooo i asked the teacher to help me read better because.... i knew if i stayed after school.. then she would be there to... and it worked out perfectly.. my plan ended up better than i expected because Jasmine started to read with me and mrs._________....and mrs______ asked me if i liked Jaz and i couldnt stop blushing..she giggled and then said "thats the same thing that she did when i asked her about u..." O . O .......ofcourse being a guy i was stupid and stopped staying after school and overall stopped talking to Jaz.......So i guess i was sort of a wuss and it sucks because close to the end of the school year she told me she was moving schools and gave me a kiss on the cheek >.< ill never forget that day because i slapped myself a thousand times for letting her slip out of my fingers

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily Diary

So here I am again blabbing about my life and all its crazyness.

 I was finishing up reading "Burro Genius" and as I was reading I couldnt help but realize how much in common I have with the kid. *Spoiler alert* sure he had a  big Ol house and his parents had alot of money but he also had to go through alot of bullying in school. I look back now and realize that my 1st grade teacher and 2nd grade teacher were also jerks just like his. I remember my first grade teacher had a metal stick and he would hit the table with it and it would make a noise so loud that you would loose your ability to hear for a couple of seconds. He also made us (nonenglish speakers) sit in the back and we weren't allowed to talk in spanish... "ENGLISH ONLY" he would say after hitting the table. It was annoying.... but ive got to admit if it wasnt for his...........behavior towards me I wouldnt have tried as hard as i did to learn the language that I use in every day life now. So maybe he was just doing it to help me???????.... or atleast i like to think that way........ as for my second grade teacher (my first one.. i was sent back to first grade because i couldnt speak english..) he wasnt mean or anything but he didnt do anything when the other kids would make fun of me.. I remember one day (during the first weeks of my school life) i asked my cousins to tell me how to say "amiga" in english.. and they did.........but they didnt tell me that it also ment "novia"... so the story goes like this..........I walked into the classroom and the teacher asks me in front of everyone "So what have  you learned so far" and in broken english i tried to say i made my first friend (a girl) it came out something like this "I...... have .. girlfriend" at this point i remember everyone turning back to look at me and in my mind i thought it was because i was doing so good ....... some kid then asked... "Who IS IT" in that annoying mocking voice.. and i replied with " Melissa" .......all the kids laughed and the teacher said nothing he just stood there....-claps- good job mr... good job......anyways she never talked to me again..>.< and i spent the the rest of the 3 months of my 2nd grade year alone because i was that "new mexican kid" i didnt really mind because i was so close to my family that i never really felt alone.. but then i got sent back to 1st grade. i remember feeling so stupid ....... But really i wasnt.. i mean in mexico i was one of the guys that lead the national anthem and in mexico thats something (well atleast in my school) that was ment for the top students in the whole school....and there i was as the little boy giving out orders ... i remember i couldnt look my mom in the eyes because i felt that she was dissappointed in her little boy.. and thats when i promised myself to learn the language ASAP.........unfortunetly things didnt go as plan and i got that lousy 1st grade teacher... and i ended up making myself throw up(eww gross) so that i could use it as an excuse to go back home.... it got to the point were i would go to school for 1 hour everyday and go back home afterwards..... My cousins began to call me "Volcan que  Vomita" because my science project was a clay volcano that spit out lava (jerks).....The good thing after this was that my next 2nd grade teacher was a girl... and im not sure why but girl teachers always work better with little kids (in my opinion) and she would stay after school with me to help me learn english and it worked.......And it was through her that i met my first crush...BUT thats a whole nother story

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Secret Life

    "A vacation ? for the Cedano family this is to good to be true." Those were the exact words going through my mind when my mom informed me of a trip to the States but being as young as I was at the time (6) i could only think of how many new friends i would be able to make. So without hesitation i  brought with me my only pair of pants my new sketchers and my coloring book and entered the plane. And thats when our supposed to be 6month vacation turned into what seems to be a lifetime.
    The first months of my "vacation" were filled with games and adventure. Whether it be playing "Cocinita" (kitchen) or Cops and Robers with my cousins or going to the movies with my uncles i was living every kids dream. I had hundreds of new toys and playmates to........ But then my mom decided to enroll me in school (Ligget) and i hated it. Everyone was mean (excluding a small amount) and punked on the kid who seemed to wear the same cloths everyday (because i did)and the language they spoke (English) was so unfamiliar to me. This made me the misfit for the first 2 years. Since i had basically no friends i focused on my studies and was enrolled in a  Magnet (gifted/honors) program.
   By middle school i would carry around with me 2 backpacks ( Looser right =))(one for 1,2,3 and another for 4,5,6. Both ENORMOUSLY huge and filled with the book that i needed a seperate notebook and binder (1 1/2 in) for each class.) This ofcourse got me bullied a couple of times and even resulted in me calling my mom to come and pick me up from school..After a particular incident i decided that the 2 backpack idea wasnt the coolest thing in the world and decided to save up to buy my first "Jansport". I remember walking with my mom in the busy Swamp Meet looking for that brand (Jansport) and my mom suggesting all different types (all of which either had some stupid cartoon or a handle and wheels) and once i found it and looked at the price tagged and realized why my mom wanted me to take the Transformers one instead of this one. I must admit i felt bad but i knew that if i didnt get this backpack i was better of without any at all. and so i bought it.. (well my mom did) and i took care of that backpack like a mother to her newborn. i would never set it on the floor and kept it by my side at all times. Making sure that no one wrote on it or tried to steal it. Those were probably one of the happiest days of my "Vacation"

Just a bit about me

    My name is Angel Josafat Cedano Garcia,Im 17 years old and i have 2 older brothers. Each one of them different than the other. The eldest being Mr.Hardcore and the other being Mr.KnowItAll. I consider myself different from both of my brothers because they always seem to be so caught up in something that they dont enjoy live. Which is something I try and do everyday.I might not go out and party as much as my fellow classmates but im always pretty happy and even if im not I'm usually always walking around with a smile on my face even if i'm alone (creepy right?>.<).
     Josafat........ I confronted my mom about my name once and asked her why my brothers seemed to have normal names compared to me (Marcos, and Rigoberto)she said she spent weeks trying to find the perfect name for her youngest child and called me ungrateful >.<'. She of course didn't know what that 3 letter word meant (fat)and how much ridicule it has given me all throughout life. I decided to look my name up. And found out it was a name found in the bible which stands for "Messenger of god". I dont have the most interesting life but believe me when i tell u that i try and live it up to the fullest and welcome every new day with a big O Kool-Aid smile =D