Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amor, Love, Amour, AMORE

LOVE LOVE LOVE...... my first crush happened in 2nd grade and it was for some girl called Jasmine _____... Jasmine happened to be one of the prettiest girls in my classroom(or atleast i thought so) she had long black hair and light brown eyes and a nice big smile. she also wasnt concieted which is pretty rare considering she was as pretty as she was... But...there was a problem... she was the teachers niece O . O......this made it very difficult for any guy to get close to her...and to top it off she was super quiet so you never really heard much from her unless she was asked to answer a question... and since back then i wasnt as confident as i am now i didnt make the effort to go talk to her myself.Soooooo i asked the teacher to help me read better because.... i knew if i stayed after school.. then she would be there to... and it worked out perfectly.. my plan ended up better than i expected because Jasmine started to read with me and mrs._________....and mrs______ asked me if i liked Jaz and i couldnt stop blushing..she giggled and then said "thats the same thing that she did when i asked her about u..." O . O .......ofcourse being a guy i was stupid and stopped staying after school and overall stopped talking to Jaz.......So i guess i was sort of a wuss and it sucks because close to the end of the school year she told me she was moving schools and gave me a kiss on the cheek >.< ill never forget that day because i slapped myself a thousand times for letting her slip out of my fingers