Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Future Life

What am i gonna do when i got out of high school...... Well i was always that type of guy that had a plan but i really don't know what im gonna do anymore with all the economic troubles my family has its come to the point were i have to choose between helping my parents or add more stress... Gah why cant life be easier.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Kinda sucks to be back in school but at the same time it doesnt. I was really starting to get lonely in my house and missing my friends =D.. I really wouldnt dislike school if it started later i think thats all that bothers me.... Cuz i mean if u think about it school is a pretty awsome place. U have a bazillian people in one place most of them around ur age.. and a couple of adults that are paid to do something that i they love (most of them atleast) BE AROUND kids like u and me. WEll we really arent kids anymorebut... u get the idea. ....
In other news Winter break was a very needed break ... Especially when u have a teacher likes _______ to give u essays to write all the time... unfortunetly she gave me work for the winter and it was horrible because i procrastinated ( like every other good teenager ) and this made me sleep late on the day before the first day of the new semester and it was horrible having to wake up at 7AM when u were so used to sleeping in..... But w.e... Winter break was filled with family activities and VEGAS BABY.. so it was pretty freaking awsome