Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a bit about me

    My name is Angel Josafat Cedano Garcia,Im 17 years old and i have 2 older brothers. Each one of them different than the other. The eldest being Mr.Hardcore and the other being Mr.KnowItAll. I consider myself different from both of my brothers because they always seem to be so caught up in something that they dont enjoy live. Which is something I try and do everyday.I might not go out and party as much as my fellow classmates but im always pretty happy and even if im not I'm usually always walking around with a smile on my face even if i'm alone (creepy right?>.<).
     Josafat........ I confronted my mom about my name once and asked her why my brothers seemed to have normal names compared to me (Marcos, and Rigoberto)she said she spent weeks trying to find the perfect name for her youngest child and called me ungrateful >.<'. She of course didn't know what that 3 letter word meant (fat)and how much ridicule it has given me all throughout life. I decided to look my name up. And found out it was a name found in the bible which stands for "Messenger of god". I dont have the most interesting life but believe me when i tell u that i try and live it up to the fullest and welcome every new day with a big O Kool-Aid smile =D


  1. i wouldn't think you were bullied as a little kid since you're always bullying other people! :p jk you're nice to every one, except for me (since you forgot about me today! >:/) and you do always walk around with a koolaid smile which i love :D<3

  2. I would rather be around a Smiley Person than a Hardcore or a Know-It-All. Enjoyed reading your post!

  3. i absolutely LOVEEEEEEE your middle name :D!
    And you do always smile, which is awesome!

  4. ahahaha lol love that part with the two back packs but you aint gotta come to my page and call me a crack head makes you sound like a total ignoramus