Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Secret Life

    "A vacation ? for the Cedano family this is to good to be true." Those were the exact words going through my mind when my mom informed me of a trip to the States but being as young as I was at the time (6) i could only think of how many new friends i would be able to make. So without hesitation i  brought with me my only pair of pants my new sketchers and my coloring book and entered the plane. And thats when our supposed to be 6month vacation turned into what seems to be a lifetime.
    The first months of my "vacation" were filled with games and adventure. Whether it be playing "Cocinita" (kitchen) or Cops and Robers with my cousins or going to the movies with my uncles i was living every kids dream. I had hundreds of new toys and playmates to........ But then my mom decided to enroll me in school (Ligget) and i hated it. Everyone was mean (excluding a small amount) and punked on the kid who seemed to wear the same cloths everyday (because i did)and the language they spoke (English) was so unfamiliar to me. This made me the misfit for the first 2 years. Since i had basically no friends i focused on my studies and was enrolled in a  Magnet (gifted/honors) program.
   By middle school i would carry around with me 2 backpacks ( Looser right =))(one for 1,2,3 and another for 4,5,6. Both ENORMOUSLY huge and filled with the book that i needed a seperate notebook and binder (1 1/2 in) for each class.) This ofcourse got me bullied a couple of times and even resulted in me calling my mom to come and pick me up from school..After a particular incident i decided that the 2 backpack idea wasnt the coolest thing in the world and decided to save up to buy my first "Jansport". I remember walking with my mom in the busy Swamp Meet looking for that brand (Jansport) and my mom suggesting all different types (all of which either had some stupid cartoon or a handle and wheels) and once i found it and looked at the price tagged and realized why my mom wanted me to take the Transformers one instead of this one. I must admit i felt bad but i knew that if i didnt get this backpack i was better of without any at all. and so i bought it.. (well my mom did) and i took care of that backpack like a mother to her newborn. i would never set it on the floor and kept it by my side at all times. Making sure that no one wrote on it or tried to steal it. Those were probably one of the happiest days of my "Vacation"


  1. im surprised you werent nervous or terrified of moving...i always hated moving =[
    you went to liggette? my mom totally works there...what a trip
    damn thats messed up...stupid spoiled little kids have no clue what its like and whats worst they dont even try to understand...i mean i personally havent gone through what you have but i dont go bagging on kids who go through it...i can only imagine what it wouldve been like and thats a terrible thing to go through....
    yay Jansports lol they save everyones social life in middle school lol i remember i got my first Jansport at the Panorama mall and my mom was also trying to make me buy those ugly colorful backpacks.... same with shoes i always liked jordans, nikes, converse, and vans and she was always trying to make me buy those sketchers..

  2. The difference between "vacation" and "relocation" is that in one you get to fantasize about starting a new life and the other you are actually doing it. Not as glamorous as it seems!